CCDL - Check Case Definition Language

Test specification language

CCDL is a test specification language that provides a dedicated high-level and easy to learn test language for powerful requirements based system testing. The fully automated test execution and evaluation shortens testing cycles and reduces required manpower. The intuitively readable CCDL test specification reduces documentation effort and the test execution flow visualization reveals the dynamic behavior of the system under test (SUT) and clearly spots any deviations against the expected results.

If you want to know more about CCDL please take a look at the white paper (PDF), flyer (PDF) or contact us.



The new CCDL release with new features is available.

Your benefits
  • High-level test specification language dedicated for testing
  • Intuitively readable and easy to learn
  • Unambiguous test stimulation and definition of expected system reactions
  • Automatic compilation into real-time execution test control program
  • Automatic requirements based evaluation of SUT behavior
  • Visualization of execution flow for analysis and debugging of the test specification