T1 Stack


T1.stack – a combination of static and measurement based stack-analysis, unique in the world

T1.stack disassembles the executable, typically the ELF file, derives the call-tree and determines the stack-usage of each function. The result is nicely visualized as the screen-shot shows. Click on it for a full-size view.Static code analysis is limited in principle and cannot e.g. resolve all kinds of indirect function calls. Indirect function calls are used frequently in automotive software. Other stack analysis tools based on static code analysis have to rely on manual annotation. These are error-prone since in most projects no developer has access to and knowledge about all parts of the software. With a few mouse-clicks, T1.stack resolves indirect function calls based on measurements removing the problem of the error-prone manual annotations described above and reducing the effort for annotations significantly. T1.stack has always unlimited access to all parts of the software.